Radio Harbor Country

WRHZ 93.5 & WRHC 106.7 - THREE OAKS, MI


Radio Harbor Country WRHZ 93.5 FM and WRHC 106.7 FM is a low-power FM radio station in Three Oaks, Michigan. Our 100-watt transmitter reaches a six to ten mile radius, serving the area known as Harbor Country. We provide original arts and education, with a diverse mix of music. Our “area-friendly” talk programming and local outreach reflect our commitment to the Harbor Country area. Radio Harbor Country is a fully underwritten volunteer organization and receives zero dollars from commercial advertising. We have no religious or political affiliations. 

Mission Statement

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Radio Harbor Country is a community-based non-commercial radio station dedicated to organizing, sponsoring and disseminating information on relevant social, cultural and political issues, as well as fostering an appreciation of the arts through outreach, education, community involvement, mentoring and programming

Programming may include the following: talk radio, music, live remote broadcasts at events and public meetings, literature, poetry, commentary, local news, mentoring programs, interviews, public service announcements, reviews of cultural events and shows, educational Q&A sessions, children's programs, student broadcasts, self-help discussions, etc. Radio Harbor Country will strive to focus on community programming of all varieties, spoken word, musical and other content that is underserved by commercial radio stations in the Harbor Country area.


The idea of a local radio station in Harbor Country was originally formed under the parent organization Harbor Country Forum – a consortium of local groups created in 1999 dedicated to the discussion of relevant social and political issues affecting the community. These organizations from Three Oaks, New Buffalo and Chikaming Township all applied for FCC licenses during the most recent window (early 2000s).

In 2001/2002, a not-for-profit group called Harbor Arts was formed in Three Oaks as the representative organization for the town’s license. After many years of waiting, Harbor Arts was the only organization in the area to be granted a “permit to build” in 2005. WRHC Radio Harbor Country was formed under the Harbor Arts umbrella and fundraising began. Through the generosity of several individuals and a $10,000 loan, the volunteers procured equipment, built out the studio, constructed a transmitter shed, ran the phone lines and mounted the antenna. WRHC 106.7 LPFM began broadcasting in January of 2006 with the help of a lot of hands - and a little iPod.

Since 2006, WRHC and community members have built a solid network of shows (well above the minimum FCC requirement) that continues today. Licensed by Harbor Arts and managed by Radio Harbor County, WRHC-LP has served the Three Oaks township and other portions of Harbor Country.  Original programming includes talk radio, music of many genres, live remote broadcasts, literature, poetry, local community and national news, mentor programs, interviews, public service announcements, self-help programs, environmentally themed discussions and much, much more.

Board of Directors

Dave Repetto – Chair

Colleen Newquist - Secretary

Sharon Phillips – Treasurer 

Mark Donnelly 

Brad Lyerla 

Robin McBride

Mike Kennedy

Joe Puleo